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´╗┐How Evaluating Energy Efficiency Programs Work


Evaluating energy efficiency programs helps to ensure that such programs are beneficial and not a waste of time and money. These evaluations help to ensure that energy efficiency programs are actually working and help them to make changes and identify weakness so they perform at a more efficient level.

Energy efficiency programs are very important to the movement towards an energy efficient nation. These programs help to teach people about energy efficiency and even help people and businesses to become more energy efficient. In the end this is important to helping reduce global warming, the reliance on fossil fuels and help drive energy costs back down.

Why Evaluating Energy Efficiency Programs are Needed

Evaluating energy efficiency programs is important because it holds them accountable. These evaluations document the effectiveness of the program and help to determine if the program is reaching its goals. It is an outside way of ensuring that the program is working.

Evaluating energy efficiency programs also helps improve programs. These evaluations can see problems and help find solutions. They can even make a good program even better, helping it to become even more effective in its efforts.

Types of Energy Efficiency Programs

There are a few different types of energy efficiency programs that are evaluated. These programs all serve different purposes in getting energy efficiency into the mainstream.

There are programs that work to find ways to reduce energy use and emissions. They try out different things to see what works best.

There are programs that work to change the way people see energy efficiency. They help develop standards for energy efficiency and bring it to market.

There are programs that help to regulate how energy efficiency plays into building and construction.

All these types of programs work to help make energy efficiency more accepted and make it a regular part of daily life.

How Energy Efficiency Programs are Evaluated

Evaluating energy efficiency programs generally follows certain protocol. The evaluations general look at the same factors no matter what type of program it is. They will look at the impact of the program and see how well it is doing overall at achieving its goals. It will look at how the program is implementing energy efficiency measures. It will also look at the effects the program has had on the market. Lastly it will evaluate the cost effectiveness of the program to ensure it is worth continuing.

After evaluating energy efficiency programs recommendations will be made to end programs, fix problems or make other changes or keep the program as is.

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